Necklace by Carina Wong

Carina Wong Demonstrates The Golden Berry Necklace

Carina Wong, the project leader of the displayed work Golden Berry by Carina Wong illustrates, Inspired by journeys of metamorphosis, this 18K Rose Gold necklace unfurls to reveal more than meets the eye. Featuring a mesmerising red garnet, rare bla <Cropped>

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Your Umbrella, Your Perletti

Perletti and Desall Invite You to Create a New Umbrella, Able to Distinguish Itself From The Competitors Thanks to Its Design and Style Details That Make It a Very Distinguishable Product.your Umbrella, Your Perletti-design Your Iconic Umbrella On Desal

Perletti and desall invite you to create a new umbrella, able to distinguish itself from the competitors thanks to its design and style details that make it a very distinguishable product.Your umbrella, your perletti - design your iconic umbrella on <Cropped>

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Seating by Forough Pourahmad

Forough Pourahmad Discloses The Angel Seating

Forough Pourahmad, the creator of the displayed design Angel - seating by Forough Pourahmad illustrates, She wanted to create a product "that go beyond" merely practical and aesthetic goals. The research process was focused on the symbols i <Cropped>

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Cinema by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema Cinema

The lead designer of the awarded design Acclaimed Designer's Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema Cinema illustrates, “Pixel” is the basic element of images, designer explores relationship of movement and pixel to become the theme of this design. “Pixel <Cropped>

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Michael Setter-Architect's Autodesk Israel Offices Office Interior Design

Michael Setter-Architect Exhibits The Autodesk Israel Offices Office Interior Design

Michael Setter - Architect, the designer of the highlighted project Award Winning Autodesk Israel offices Office interior design spells out, Setter Architects designed new development center in Tel Aviv for Autodesk. The new office is located in a ne <Cropped>

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Wash Basin by Giovanni Calisti-Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r

Giovanni Calisti-Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r Creates The Teorema 2.0 80 Wash Basin

Giovanni Calisti - Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r, the thinktank behind the awarded design Teorema 2.0 80 - Wash basin by Giovanni Calisti - Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r explains, Teorema 2.0 is a large-size wash basin with a slim core. The wide bowl offers an app <Cropped>

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Tetrapod Brewing Co.-brand Identity, Package and Media Design by Plusx

Plusx Discloses The Tetrapod Brewing Co. Brand Identity, Package and Media Design

PlusX, the author of the awarded design Award Winning TETRAPOD BREWING CO. Brand Identity, Package and Media Design illustrates, Aiming for a creation of a pub that provides trustworthy services in a free and relaxed atmosphere, Tetrapod's uniqu <Cropped>

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Walmir Luz's Nyc 2050 City Masterplan

Walmir Luz Exhibits The Nyc 2050 City Masterplan

Walmir Luz, the lead designer of the displayed design Walmir Luz's NYC 2050 City Masterplan says, Sea-level rise is a major concern for most coastal cities around the world. Thirty percent of Lower Manhattan is expected to sink below sea level <Cropped>

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Mukava Executive Desk by Josh Ribbeck

Josh Ribbeck Designs The Mukava Executive Desk Home Office Desk

Josh Ribbeck, the lead designer of the displayed work Home Office Desk:Mukava Executive Desk by Josh Ribbeck illustrates, The Mukava desk is a modern executive desk built from solid walnut, it utilizes no metal fasteners and uses a bracing system tha <Cropped>

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Award Winning T-Box2 Set Top Box

Ke Zhang Reveals The T-Box2 Set Top Box

Ke Zhang, the thinktank behind the displayed project T-Box2 by Ke Zhang spells out, T-Box2 is a new technical device to integrate Internet, multimedia and communication, and offer home users diversified interactive services including massive Internet <Cropped>

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