Bookcase/Shelving System:x System by Jan Vacek

Jan Vacek Demonstrates The X System Bookcase/Shelving System

Jan Vacek, the maker of the awarded project Award Winning X SYSTEM bookcase / shelving system illustrates, Flexible modular shelving system - depending on the number of modules is used to choose the length and height of the assembly, system that let <Cropped>

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Green Product Award

The International Green Product Award Nominates Manufacturers, Design Studios and Agencies Which Reprent Products and Services in Terms of Design, Innovation and Sustainability and Want to Publish Themselves On The German Market. The Awards Are Given In

The international green product award nominates manufacturers, design studios and agencies which reprent products and services in terms of design, innovation and sustainability and want to publish themselves on the german market. the awards are give <Cropped>

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Residence C.a. by Wei Lun Wang and Chia Ying Li

Wei Lun Wang and Chia Ying Li Shows The Residence C.a. Residence

Wei Lun Wang and Chia Ying Li, the lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Residence C.A. Residence illustrates, The space transforms from the original vessel that carries life to imagination that can change life. We hope to shorten <Cropped>

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Eve Fineman and Henri Preiss's Little Zig Table Lamp

Eve Fineman and Henri Preiss Portrays The Little Zig Table Lamp

Eve Fineman and Henri Preiss, the author of the awarded work Table Lamp by Eve Fineman and Henri Preiss says, The Little Zig light fixture is the second piece in a collaboration between European artist Henri Preiss and American designer Eve Fineman. <Cropped>

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Porcelain Artwork by Yasumichi Morita, Glamorous Co., Ltd

Yasumichi Morita, Glamorous Co., Ltd. Spotlights The Life Is Flower Porcelain Artwork

Yasumichi Morita, GLAMOROUS co.,ltd., the creator of the highlighted design porcelain artwork by Yasumichi Morita, GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. says, Life is Flower is an artistic exercise conceived by the Japanese designer Yasumichi Morita for Lladró. It dis <Cropped>

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Multifuncional Complex by Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak

Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak Presents The Crab Houses Multifuncional Complex

Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak, the creative mind behind the award winning project Multifuncional complex by Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak demonstrates, On the vast plain of the Silesian Lowlands, one magical mountain stands alone, covered in <Cropped>

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The Idea of Multifunctional Screen-residence by Pocheng Chu, Yayi Tsai and Wendy Laio

Pocheng Chu, Yayi Tsai and Wendy Laio Creates The The Idea of Multifunctional Screen Residence

PoCheng Chu, YaYi Tsai and Wendy Laio, the architect of the highlighted design Residence by PoCheng Chu, YaYi Tsai and Wendy Laio explicates, The “multifunctional screen” can take in numerable shoes while formulating a porch. In the meantime, the <Cropped>

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Award Winning Aero Dining Table

Gerardo Rios Altamirano Presents The Aero Dining Table

Gerardo Rios Altamirano, the architect of the displayed project Aero - Dining Table by Gerardo Rios Altamirano points out, The mix of organic inspiration, high quality materials &manufacturing and artisanhand finishing provides this piece a pleas <Cropped>

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Green Product Award

The Green Product Award Is An Annual International Competition For Sustainable Products and Services From Established Firms and Startups. Students and Designers With New Concepts Are Also Welcome to Product Award 2019-Now With An Own Green Fa

The green product award is an annual international competition for sustainable products and services from established firms and startups. students and designers with new concepts are also welcome to join.Green product award 2019 - now with an own gre <Cropped>

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Gantuan by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Gantuan Corporate Identity

The designer of the highlighted work Corporate Identity:GanTuAn by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, Logo made from rabbit, moon two elements, combined into the third element - Japanese family crest. Rabbit body a little fat, stay cute cute embodies t <Cropped>

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