Award Winning Music House Residential House

Tonny Wirawan Suriadjaja Discloses The Music House Residential House

Tonny Wirawan Suriadjaja, the thinktank behind the displayed project Tonny Wirawan Suriadjaja's Music House Residential House points out, Music House carries the idea of continuity and harmony of strains of musical tones as its design concept. T <Cropped>

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Black Widow by George Drakakis

George Drakakis Creates The Black Widow Table

George Drakakis, the maker of the displayed work Table:Black Widow by George Drakakis illustrates, Black Widow is a table that features a unique supporting structure proposal of metal elements (resembling the shape of a walking stick of an old man) s <Cropped>

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Lay-On Wash Basin:bucket 40 by Studio Talocci Design

Studio Talocci Design Designs The Bucket 40 Lay-On Wash Basin

Studio Talocci Design , the creator of the displayed design Award Winning Bucket 40 Lay-on wash basin spells out, BUCKET line distinguishes itself by its shape bringing to mind just the bucket, in different sizes and decorations. This object symboliz <Cropped>

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Spring World Campus Masters [2015-2019] Selective Graduation Design Program 2020

Show Your Graduation Design

Show your graduation design.

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Toothbat-Wow by Gordon W.k. Lam & Wilma F.l. Yuen

Gordon W.k. Lam & Wilma F.l. Yuen Portrays The Toothbat-Wow Dental Floss Holder

Gordon W.K. Lam & Wilma F.L. Yuen, the designer of the award winning project Dental Floss Holder:Toothbat - WOW by Gordon W.K. Lam & Wilma F.L. Yuen points out, Dental floss is highly recommended to prevent the periodontal disease but the ted <Cropped>

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D5 Studio Graphic Branding-Corporate Visual Branding Language For D by Jaco Payawal

Jaco Payawal Designs The D5 Studio Graphic Branding Corporate Visual Branding Language For D

Jaco Payawal, the designer of the displayed project Corporate visual branding language for D:D5 Studio Graphic Branding by Jaco Payawal illustrates, D5 Studio needed a visual branding language that, one, would set itself apart from other content crea <Cropped>

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Gift For Good-Red Packet Series-Seasonal Gift For Retail Market by The Box Brand Design Limited

The Box Brand Design Limited Illustrates The Gift For Good-Red Packet Series Seasonal Gift For Retail Market

The Box Brand Design Limited, the author of the award winning work Gift For Good - Red Packet Series - Seasonal Gift for retail market by The Box Brand Design Limited points out, “Red Packet” is important blessing symbol in CNY Festival. Beyond t <Cropped>

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Tze-Chun Wei's Courtyard House Residential

Tze-Chun Wei Illustrates The Courtyard House Residential

Tze-Chun Wei, the lead designer of the highlighted work Residential by Tze-Chun Wei spells out, This is a project for a 3-generation family in Changhua, Taiwan. The site is located on the roof of an existing one-story factory building. The concept id <Cropped>

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Bamboo Charcoal Ring-Moisture Absorption by Jimmy Chen

Jimmy Chen Designs The Bamboo Charcoal Ring Moisture Absorption

Jimmy Chen, the maker of the highlighted design Bamboo Charcoal Ring - Moisture Absorption by Jimmy Chen explains, Bamboo Charcoal Ring is a product that gives new vitality to the original activated carbon or desiccant products such as bagged pellets <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Chao-Chien Huang

Chao-Chien Huang Shows The Postmodern Aesthetics Interior Design

Chao-Chien Huang, the project leader of the highlighted project Interior Design by Chao-Chien Huang illustrates, The melody composed by the interaction between the classical and modern style has now turned into a new chapter for postmodern aesthetics <Cropped>

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