Revival of Indian Architecture-Head Quarters of An Indian Mnc by Anto and Sayali

Anto and Sayali Creates The Revival of Indian Architecture Head Quarters of An Indian Mnc

Anto and Sayali, the maker of the highlighted project Revival of Indian Architecture - HEAD QUARTERS OF AN INDIAN MNC by Anto and Sayali says, The building represents a new architectural direction of Indian Architecture, which is based on contemporar <Cropped>

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Basic Concept (perceptron Design Group)-Ronghe Forest Center

At Design Interviews

Interview with Basic Concept (Perceptron Design Group) : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Basic Concept (Perceptron Design Group) : Project is located in the Guilin natural landscape environment itsel <Cropped>

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Apartment by Architecture Workshop Pc

Architecture Workshop Pc Shows The Pivot Apartment

Architecture Workshop PC, the author of the awarded project Pivot by Architecture Workshop PC explicates, Pivot is a pre-war studio renovated into an adaptable apartment with a secret bedroom for a client who hosts large dinners with overnight guests <Cropped>

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Dimple by Ante International Ltd

Ante International Ltd Discloses The Dimple Multifunctional Stool

Ante International Ltd, the lead designer of the highlighted project Multifunctional Stool:Dimple by Ante International Ltd says, DIMPLE is an easy to use bean bag stool that is multifunctional and eco-friendly. The design is compact, light and able <Cropped>

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Breaktime Tableware Set:tri Chapter by Mutuopia

Mutuopia Exhibits The Tri Chapter Breaktime Tableware Set

Mutuopia, the designer of the award winning design Breaktime Tableware Set by Mutuopia points out, Tri Chapter tableware set is a drinking collection for people’s daily break time. Inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), mutuopia tries to bring t <Cropped>

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Jewellery Collection:portuguese Story by Diana Vieira Da Silva

Diana Vieira Da Silva Reveals The Portuguese Story Jewellery Collection

Diana Vieira da Silva, the maker of the award winning work Portuguese Story - Jewellery Collection by Diana Vieira da Silva explains, The intent was to create a collection that would link jewellery, architecture and Portuguese cultural heritage. Seve <Cropped>

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Motub-Elderly Oriented Bathtub by Yun Yang

Yun Yang Shows The Motub Elderly Oriented Bathtub

Yun Yang, the project leader of the displayed project motub - Elderly Oriented Bathtub by Yun Yang points out, Bathing is one of the most dangerous activities for disabled old people, and transferring disabled old man to the bathroom from the living <Cropped>

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Private Residence by Chiu Chi Ming Danny

Chiu Chi Ming Danny Illustrates The City Point Private Residence

Chiu Chi Ming Danny, the maker of the displayed project Private Residence by Chiu Chi Ming Danny explicates, The designer sought inspirations from urban landscape. Scenery of hectic urban space was thereby ‘extended’ to the living space, charac <Cropped>

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Apartment by Taller Adg

Taller Adg Shows The House On The 12th Floor Apartment

Taller ADG, the designer of the awarded design House on the 12th Floor by Taller ADG says, The present design for the apartment’s interior is a conceptual play for the interiors apartment on a 12th floor. The intention was for this apartment to s <Cropped>

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Clamshell Notebook For Education by Jp-Inspiring Knowledge

Jp-Inspiring Knowledge Exhibits The Pupil 107 Clamshell Notebook For Education

JP - inspiring knowledge, the creator of the highlighted design Clamshell Notebook for Education:Pupil 107 by JP - inspiring knowledge spells out, Pupil 107: A further step in future education. Inspiring knowledge has never been so easy. Pupil 107 ex <Cropped>

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