Award Winning Daebong-Dong Commercial Skip Floor Commercial Cafe

Junghee Lee Creates The Daebong-Dong Commercial Skip Floor Commercial Cafe

Junghee Lee, the creative mind behind the award winning project Award Winning Daebong-dong Commercial Skip Floor Commercial Cafe illustrates, Junghee Lee tried to divide a large floor space into several small spaces. For this purpose, the architect s <Cropped>

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Fast Casual by Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group Spotlights The Global Bazaar Fast Casual

Rockwell Group, the designer of the displayed project Global Bazaar - Fast Casual by Rockwell Group explains, Located in the Global Bazaar Food Hall, the dynamic concepts are the first of its kind in that the fast casual concept completely changes o <Cropped>

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Kitchen Island:azimuth Le V12 by Serhii Kharchenko

Serhii Kharchenko Creates The Azimuth Le V12 Kitchen Island

Serhii Kharchenko, the designer of the awarded project Serhii Kharchenko's Azimuth LE V12 Kitchen Island spells out, The Azimuth LE V12 project, this technological and stylish kitchen, is comparable to modern gadgets, is intended both for creat <Cropped>

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Frame Covers Extinguishing Equipment by Sanna Liimatainen

Sanna Liimatainen Spotlights The Finishfire Frame Frame Covers Extinguishing Equipment

Sanna Liimatainen, the designer of the displayed design Frame covers extinguishing equipment by Sanna Liimatainen illustrates, The Finishfire Frame combines design and necessity. It gives a permanent place for fire extinguishers and safety in your <Cropped>

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Young Bird Plan Mascot International Design Competition%u2019 19

Young Bird Plan, An International Competition Platform, It Has Been Five Years Since Its Establishment. This Time, Young Bird Plan Launches Its Own Competition Globally, and Thousands of Creative Minds Will Have The Unique Opportunity to Create The Mascot

Young bird plan, an international competition platform, it has been five years since its establishment. this time, young bird plan launches its own competition globally, and thousands of creative minds will have the unique opportunity to create the m <Cropped>

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Glow-Print Ad by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Glow Print Ad

The architect of the highlighted design Print Ad:Glow by Acclaimed Designer points out, Nescafe Decaf's "Why Not?" campaign paved the way for the first glow-in-the-dark print material ever to be produced. A cup of great tasting coffee <Cropped>

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Animal:life by Kai Huo & Liu Yang

Kai Huo & Liu Yang Designs The Life Animal

Kai Huo & Liu Yang, the maker of the award winning project Animal by Kai Huo & Liu Yang says, This is a series of animal themed illustrations, with a computer in the form of paintings painted a variety of animal cloud. Computer graphics in th <Cropped>

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Art Materials Design Award

A' Design Award and Competition Is Open For Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Designs

The indicator of quality and excellence, A' Design Award and Competition is open for submission from Art Materials, Stationary Supplies and Gift Items category. A' Design Award and Competition is open for all; concept stage, prototype or fi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Tango Tote Two Handbag

Anne-Christin Schmitt Discloses The Tango Tote Two Handbag

Anne-Christin Schmitt, the maker of the highlighted project handbag:Tango Tote Two by Anne-Christin Schmitt explains, Tango Tote Two - what is special about this bag is the shiny relief structure, which decorate the surface of front and back and form <Cropped>

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Bird of Passage by Abhisaar Saxena

Abhisaar Saxena Demonstrates The Bird of Passage Womenswear Collection

Abhisaar Saxena, the maker of the displayed work Womenswear Collection by Abhisaar Saxena demonstrates, Born from the motion in the elaborate journey of life, Bird of Passage shares its semantics with movement. The range of silhouettes in this collec <Cropped>

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