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Breast-feel Baby Bottle

Using bionic technology, the shape and touch of the bottle is more like mother's breast. It allows the baby to directly adapt to the breast milk bottle, reducing the mother's anxiety and the baby's unsuitability. In order to make the using of the feeding bottle more as breast feeding, a certain ergonomic design has been made, optimizing the feeding bottle and making it easier to adapt. The overall touch and feeling allow mothers to hold and use for babies at ease.

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This creative construction with its fresh and colorful cones as its natural eco-friendly wooden boards helps children to develop concentration skills and to develop logical thinking. The aim of the game is to build a truly inventive structure using all the pieces without any falling down. The wooden boards and silicone cones in different sizes allow kids for a myriad of construction possibilities and enhance them to imagine their own world.

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Kango Dad Funtrip V141

Kango Dad Funtrip V141 is a car seat for children from 40 to 150 cm tall with 3 installation types. 360-degree rotation adjustment is simple and safe for a small baby. The inclination and rotation of the seat can be adjusted with one hand, which is very convenient. Specially cushion is ergonomically designed to hold baby's delicate skin and spine. The double-shell structure effectively reduces the injures during the impact. It has a number of patents and conforms to national and European R129 standards.

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Anti Vomiting Pillow

The product, with a unique elevating mechanism, tackles vomiting after feeding. Lying on the pillow, babies can eat or rest comfortably. The situation where babies, when lying on their backs, experience gastroesophageal reflux or vomit can be averted by adjusting the number of interior pads. Besides, the product, acting as a bed in bed, can prevent mothers from turning atop babies when sharing a bed with them.

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Zulu Two Heir

The Prevelo Zulu Two Heir is a 16-inch hardtail mountain bike designed to help young cyclists ride on trails with confidence. The long wheelbase and slack geometry is forgiving to young riders that are still learning how to ride on trails. To help make the bike forgiving and easy to ride on trails, the design incorporates geometry with a low bottom bracket and slack headtube angle and features hydraulic disc brakes and a carbon and aluminum construction air fork designed specifically for 16-in wheels.

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Bavvic are multifunctional, sensory, open-ended creative building blocks that help to engage children in a culture of learning through creative hands-on approach. Wooden building blocks with sensory silicon connectors are designed by architect. Bavvic carries attributes of a Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mat) toy and aids in developing interest in education, through geometrical shapes and abstract forms. Bavvic encourages development across various skills, like: cognitive, motoric, spatial imagination, problem solving and decision-making, creative thinking and more.

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